Mandatory RN Bill Receives Support from Nurses

The threat of someone making a mistake in the care of someone in a nursing home keeps many people away, not to mention the many stories of elder care abuse going wrong. Nurses are well aware of these sorts of problems. Often they are hamstrung by policies or overworked by a lack of staff.

The American Nurses Association is looking to help with the problem. Currently, nursing homes must have an RN on staff at least 8 hours every day. A bill put forth last year by Rep Jan Schakowsky (D-IL) has now received support from the ANA and they are lobbying for its passage along with several other organizations that would require an RN to remain on-staff in a nursing home at all times. They would also be able to create care plans and evaluate and treat recently discharged residents or those at risk for readmission. Proponents of the bill say that this is necessary because the number of nursing home residents is expected to boom in the next few years.

We hope that conditions in nursing homes improve, and that those who do fall victim to elder abuse or neglect get the punishments they deserve. Schenk Smith Trial Attorneys specializes in the field of nursing home abuse. If you believe your loved one is not receiving the standard of care, call our offices for a free consultation.