Man Suffers Gangrene in his Genitals, Sues Nursing Home

Part of growing elderly is losing the capacity to do things that we used to do, even basic bodily functions like using the restroom on your own. There are various medical devices that assist the elderly in these most basic functions. One of the most common is the catheter, which assists with urination. Catheters can also be a source of infection, and that’s what has led to today’s lawsuit story.

A man is suing his nursing home for $9 million after his catheter got so infected he had to have his penis amputated. He originally went to the home to recover after a kidney infection, but started bleeding around his catheter and experiencing pain. The nursing staff ignored his complaints for nearly a month before he discharged himself from the facility and seeking outside medical treatment.

He went to a hospital and the doctors said gangrene had set in so badly that his penis had to be amputated. He is suing for $2 million in lost wages, $6 million in pain and suffering, and his wife is seeking another million for loss of companionship.

If the claims of the suit hold up, this is a pretty open-and-shut case. If you know something is wrong you should demand better care or get a second opinion. If they refuse to let you have it, contact a malpractice lawyer immediately. Don’t let negligent health care workers ruin your life. Call Schenk Smith Trial Attorneys today for a free consultation.