Las Vegas Elder Abuse Leads to New Police Team

Elder abuse is an unfortunate occurrence in today’s society. There are many different types of abuse that can occur involving senior citizens and some consider this demographic to be one of the most vulnerable populations.

In Las Vegas, the District Attorney’s office is assembling a special team to prosecute elder abuse cases. This came in part as a result of the submission of more than 100 cases from 2014 and the first half of 2015 that qualified for prosecution.

The director of the Southern Nevada Senior Law Program, Sheri “Sugar” Vogel stated that most elder abuse is perpetrated by someone the victim knows such as a family member or a caregiver. Only about one in five cases are ever reported. The crimes committed against elders can devastate families and have far-reaching consequences in the community.

Crimes against elders are varied, but include abuse and neglect as well as financial exploitation and in some cases, isolation. Criminals might raid a senior’s bank accounts, steal items from their homes or rooms, neglect them or physically abuse them, and then isolate the victim to hide the abuse. They also might just be failing to meet basic medical needs.

The new unit brings the number of specialized teams for prosecution to ten. Already existing are sex crimes and special victims, gangs, drugs, weapons, and domestic violence among others. The creation of this new team of prosecutors is not expected to affect the office budget.

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