Kentucky Nursing Homes Demanding Less Oversight

It’s a common complaint from business owners that too much regulation stifles them, but when it comes to nursing homes and other health care facilities, that regulation can be the difference between the life or death of a patient. Which is why it’s shocking that Kentucky’s nursing home industry is demanding less oversight from state regulators.

They say that statistics show that inspectors are more likely to cite “immediate jeopardy” violations than in other states despite favorable statistics in other areas like staffing or quality measures. A violation that puts a resident in immediate jeopardy can carry fines of up to $10,000 a day. They also believe that this environment makes it more likely for lawsuits to be filed against the homes.

But an immediate jeopardy violation is one that cause harm, serious injury, or death! Why wouldn’t we want our regulators to find out violations and call out the nursing homes? Especially since there have been over 100 reports of these in the last three years and some of the patients died. It’s egregious.

Our elderly people are not a profit center. If you feel like a nursing home is giving your loved one sub-standard care or is trying to dodge safety regulations, seek help. Call Schenk Law Trial Attorneys for a free consultation. We will be able to tell you if what is happening falls under elder abuse and what we can do about it.