Judge Not Amused by Nursing Home Abuse Case

There is a saying that chutzpah can be defined by the attitude needed to ask a court for mercy because you’re an orphan after killing your parents. While not quite that brazen, a former nursing home worker from Gwinnett County did ask for clemency after her attack on a dementia patient. Unfortunately for her, the judge was not amused.

According to the AJC, the judge extended the woman’s probation upon review of the facts instead of allowing her to wipe her record under the First Offender Act. This act would have erased her criminal record had she finished out her sentence and probation.

The woman was caught thanks to a hidden camera placed in the patient’s room by family members. The video footage caught the woman abusing the patient. Among other acts, she used the woman’s shirt to strangle her. The son called police after he saw the footage.

Hidden cameras like the one in this case are catching more abusive nursing home workers in the act. It is shameful that some families have to go this far just to get the evidence necessary to convict people who abuse our elderly population. These people are supposed to help them, not harm them.

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