Is your Nursing Home Following their Duty of Care?

A situation doesn’t need to be extreme for a elder care abuse case to proceed. What has to be proven is that the facility breached their duty of care. Allowing problems to develop in a patient’s care and go unaddressed is the problem.

A case filed in Illinois by an executor claims multiple reasons for neglect in that lead to the death of the individual. The suit states that the wound care, physical therapy, respiratory care and cardiac rehab were all substandard. This lead to the patient’s decline and death. The suit also alleges that bed sores were allowed to develop. The patient was there for roughly two months before his death and was in stable condition upon arrival.

We expect nursing homes to take care of our loved ones, but some nursing homes see the elderly as a profit center instead of a duty. Callous mistreatment of the elderly will always cause a lawsuit one way or another. If you ever see evidence of elder abuse at a nursing home, you should report it to the authorities and to the state before someone gets hurt.

If you have had a loved one get abused or neglected by nursing home staff, you’ll also want to speak with a personal injury attorney that specializes in this field. Contact Schenk Smith Trial Attorneys for a free consultation about your situation. We can help.