Is the Cure Worse than the Illness?

Medicine is an inherently risky business. Medical professionals want to do things that are in the best interests of the patient, but many cures often come with side effects that can compromise quality of life. Many people feel this after they take the flu vaccine. They may feel mildly sick for a day or two after the shot as the body boosts its immune system for the upcoming season.

A new flu vaccine with four times the potency is also on the market and it’s being recommended for people ages 65 and over. But some nursing homes aren’t so sure that this is a good idea. The studies on the vaccine say that it lessens the chance of hospitalization by one percent. Given the millions of people in nursing homes this can cut the number of hospitalizations each year by thousands.

However, these shots also have increased immune responses and many people in nursing homes have weakened immune systems. The cure may be worse than the illness, or so some health professionals say.

If a new medical procedure causes harm to your loved one, you owe it to yourself to see if malpractice may have been performed. Risky procedures should not be forced on people living in nursing homes without full awareness and consent. If you feel that your loved one is being used as a guinea pig for health trials, seek help immediately by calling Schenk Smith Trial Attorneys. Our skilled nursing home abuse lawyers are ready to help.