Illinois Nursing Home Contests Fine Related to Fatality

A Franklin Grove nursing home is now contesting a fine imposed in relation to several deficiencies found that caused the death of a resident.

Franklin Grove Living and Rehabilitation Center was fined $50,000 for a mechanical lift failure and other violations that contributed to the death of a patient.

The Illinois Department of Public Health fined the facility for failing to ensure proper working mechanical equipment was working to lift residents. The facility also failed to record the problem so that it did not occur again.

The facility said that it is cooperating with the state agency, but it does not agree with all of the findings in the report.

The report indicated that on June 10, a mechanical lift was being used to move a patient from a wheelchair to a bed. The support loop to the sling supporting the patient’s left leg broke.

The patient fell to the floor, breaking her left leg near the hip. Her right leg was broken near the knee. She was hospitalized and according to a physician at the hospital, the broken bones contributed to her death four days later.

The investigation following the mishap revealed the loop was frayed.

It was not the first time that sling loops had failed during the transfer of patients. The same patient had been involved in a sling loop that “just snapped” shortly after being admitted in April.

In fact, there were four other incidents involving sling loops that failed.

Documentation was completed for the first patient, but the report failed to show that the cause of her fall was the broken loop.

All sling loops in the facility were subsequently replaced.

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