Identity Theft in Alabama Nursing Home

Identity theft has become commonplace in the country. The elderly are perhaps one of the most vulnerable groups to having this crime happen to them. However, most people wouldn’t expect a nursing home employee to be behind identity theft.

An employee of a Gardendale, Alabama nursing home was arrested after police allege she stole the identities of hundreds of people. Eight of those people were at the facility where she worked.

Erika Machelle Davis was charged with trafficking in stolen identities. Police stated that Davis, 33, was employed at Magnolia Ridge Care and Rehabilitation Center.

The investigation began when the daughter of a resident began noticing discrepancies in her mother’s checking account. Det. Jimmy Unangst led the investigation that determined that Davis was a suspect in other identity theft cases.

Investigators were able to obtain a warrant for Davis’ Centerpoint home. Inside the home, they found notebooks that contained hundreds of entries that included names, dates of birth, and other personal information. Victims were from all over the United States.

The investigation initially began at the nursing home. Nursing home staff were unaware of the crimes that had been reported, but cooperated with the investigation.

Davis had been living off of the proceeds of the stolen identities. She had been paying bills and buying furniture and clothing.

Among the names in the notebooks, some were children. Davis had changed the dates of birth of the children in order to use their identities.

Davis was transferred to Jefferson County Jail, where she will be held on $50,000 bond. Court records indicate that Davis has a criminal record, including felony convictions of theft by taking.

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