How much will an attorney cost for a nursing home abuse case?


If you have a potential nursing home abuse or neglect case, then you will want to retain an attorney to represent your injured loved one. However, you may wonder how much it will cost and what the attorney’s fees will be.

Almost all nursing home abuse lawyers that represent injured folks work on a contingency fee basis. A contingency fee means that the attorney will conduct the case, and then will be paid a percentage from the award recovered later. The attorney’s percentage is an amount agreed to by the client and the attorney at the outset of the case.

Aside from attorney’s fees, there will be other costs associated with pursuing a nursing home abuse case. For example, fees for acquiring complete medical records, which can run from hundreds of dollars to thousands of dollars. Also, expert testimony, that is, testimony from someone knowledgeable in the field, is almost always necessary in order to have the case taken seriously. Expert testimony can be the most expensive component of a nursing home abuse case. In instances when the case is filed in court, there are court costs and service fees, and when the case is arbitrated, then the mediators and arbitrators must be paid various hourly rates for their time.

Most nursing home lawyers that work off of a contingency will front these costs on behalf of the client. Then, upon recovery, the attorney will recoup these costs.

Pursuing a nursing home claim can be extremely stressful. Finding the right attorney, specifically one that works off of a contingent fee bases, can help reduce the anxiety. Having an attorney fight for you and pay the costs on your behalf goes a long way to helping you get through the ordeal.

If your loved one has been injured in a nursing home or assisted living facility, and you have questions about the costs, then please, feel free to call and speak to one of our experienced Atlanta personal injury lawyers today. Our consultations are always free.