Horrific Elder Abuse Claims in Recent Case

A man and a woman are facing numerous serious charges in the death of the woman’s mother. The prosecution plans to use a boy’s statement of “You killed my grandma” as evidence in the case.

34-year-old Peter Shoemaker, Jr., and 33-year-old Lisa Nelson are charged with homicide, conspiracy, and numerous other charges in the death of 63-year-old Sally Nelson. Sally was Lisa Nelson’s mother. She lived with the couple and their three children.

An autopsy conducted on the victim shows that Sally Nelson suffered chronic severe elder abuse. Among her injuries were broken ribs and severe malnourishment.

A neighbor who now lives in the home where the abuse allegedly took place said that Lisa Nelson came to her and asked her to hide her in fear that she would be arrested.

The criminal complaint alleges that one of the children saw Shoemaker hit Nelson in the head with a table leg. The complaint goes further to allege that the child said, “You killed my grandma.” It also alleges that Shoemaker responded, “You’ll understand one day.”

The neighbor said that the elderly woman would come to her house, crying and begging for food.

Another neighbor stated that she witnessed Sally Nelson attempting to run away. Lisa Nelson and Shoemaker would chase her and bring her back.

Also in the criminal complaint was that Sally Nelson suffered head trauma on October 19th. On October 20th, she was found unresponsive and taken by helicopter to UPMC Mercy. There, her head had to be shaved due to a severe infestation of head lice.

Nelson passed away on November 1st.

Lisa Nelson and Shoemaker are being held in the Fayette County Jail and faced a preliminary hearing on September 12th.

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