Hidden Camera Catches Abuse On Tape In Nursing Home

It is only natural to expect people in the medical field, doctors, nurses, and nurse’s aides to act with compassion and sincerity. This might go without saying, especially those caring for the elderly and disabled. There are many times when those who are given the care of the elderly and the disabled do not treat those they care for with the kind of decency that is expected. In some of those cases, family members discover the treatment and then enter into litigation with those who committed the offenses. Michigan Radio reports on a video that surfaced showing horrific abuse caught on tape in a nursing home.

Hussein Younes suffered from horrific abuse at Livonia’s Autumnwood Nursing home. Now Younes and his six children are suing that nursing home.

After undergoing surgery for a bowel obstruction in 2015, Younes resided at the home for about six months.

After noticing bruises and cuts that went unexplained, Salim Younes put a hidden camera disguised as an alarm clock in his father’s room. It took just two days to gather incriminating footage.

The video clips show nursing home employees allowing Younes to slide from his wheelchair to the floor and jerking his head back and forth. Employees also yelled profanities into Younes’ face.

A gag order on the case was recently lifted, allowing the family to make the disturbing video footage public.

It has since been revealed that the abuse of Younes may have been in part due to his ethnicity. One of the employees accused of abusing Younes had been previously disciplined by the state and had been terminated by two former nursing and rehabilitation facilities.

The facility reported that once it was made aware of the existence of the video, those who were identified as abusing Younes were terminated from the facility. It is not clear whether there was a criminal investigation.