Hidden Camera in Australian Nursing Home Shows Elder Abuse

There are times when we must entrust the care of our elder loved ones to others.  Unfortunately, despite the most meticulous research and constant vigilance, these loved ones can fall victim to abuse within the facilities we trust to care for them.  It can sometimes take a little ingenuity to reveal this abuse or neglect.

89-year-old Clarence Hausler is a bed-ridden dementia patient at Mitcham Residential Facility in Adelaide, Australia.

When his daughter, Noreen Hausler, became concerned for his well-being and suspected a specific caretaker, she took matters into her own hands to collect evidence.  So, she placed a small spy camera in her father’s private room.  What she captured was horrific.

On the day that she retrieved the camera, Noreen reported that her dad had been crying, had blood-shot eyes and seemed frightened.

The footage captured revealed that Mr. Hausler’s caretaker, 29-year-old Corey Lucas, appeared to be eating Mr. Hausler’s food with his cutlery.  Footage also revealed Lucas violently force-feeding him, sneezing on him, and hitting him on the head.  Most alarming, perhaps, is the footage showing Lucas allegedly attempting to suffocate Mr. Hausler with a napkin.

At first, Ms. Hausler considered taking her footage to the facility out of concern for her father.  However, she decided to bring it to the attention of local police instead.

Lucas pleaded guilty to two counts of aggravated assault and received just a 10-month jail sentence.

When Ms. Hauser advised the nursing facility, they threatened her with breaching the Privacy Act, Video Surveillance Act, and the Aged Care Acts.

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