Finding a Good Nursing Home in Georgia is Hard

For our elder loved ones, nothing is more important than finding a quality care facility when the time comes.  Nursing Home Compare has been tracking the quality of nursing homes since 1998.  Their latest results are shocking: if you have elderly loved ones in Georgia, you might be hard-pressed to find a quality nursing home.  

Slightly more than 1 in 4 Georgia nursing homes received the lowest rating, a one-star rating.  This rating indicates that the homes were rated as much below average.  27.6 percent of nursing homes in the state received a one-star rating.  Only one state ranked lower: Louisiana.

56 nursing homes throughout the state received the highest rating of five stars.

Nursing homes are rated on health inspections, staffing, and quality measures.  Each contributes to an overall rating, which calculates the average of the three components.  The newest metrics of rates of successful discharges, patient ER visits and re-hospitalizations also contributed to the latest rankings.

The highest performing state was Alabama.  Only 10.6% of the nursing homes in the state received just one star.  Florida came in second when it came to quality, with only 11.6% of nursing homes receiving just one star.

Georgia’s long-term care ombudsman, Melanie McNeil said that checking Nursing Home Compare should only be one aspect in the consideration of a nursing home.  Even if the facility is ranked at 5 stars, families should still visit the facility as a part of their consideration efforts.

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