Financial Elder Abuse in New Bedford


When people think of nursing home or elder abuse, most conjure images of unexplained bruising, soiled clothing and sheets, and bed sores. There is another type of elder abuse that occurs frequently and that is financial elder abuse. The financial abuse occurs when someone who has financial control of a senior’s assets takes the money and leaves them unable to pay for necessities such as medication and housing.

In New Bedford, Massachusetts, a woman stands accused of elder abuse and larceny. Patricia M. Jackson has power of attorney and is the health care proxy for her ex-husband, Lester E. Jackson. Mr. Jackson is 76. Investigators state that Mrs. Jackson stopped paying for Mr. Jackson’s bills at the assisted living home where he was residing. She also stopped paying for his medications. She is also accused of taking large sums of money from his bank account, most of which is not accounted for.

The assisted living home evicted Mr. Jackson and the pharmaceutical company who sent his medications also stopped sending his medicines after bills of $25,000 for the assisted living facility and $1,600 for the medications came due. Mr. Jackson was receiving $3,000 per month in government and veterans benefits.

Mr. Jackson is at St. Luke’s Hospital and is confused about where he is and why he is there. The hospital is not receiving payment for his care but cannot discharge him in his current condition. Mrs. Jackson was released on $2,500 bail and faces up to 10 years in state prison.

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