Fight For Rights For Nursing Home Cameras Grows

Statistics indicate that many instances of abuse and neglect in nursing homes and from caregivers against their charges go unreported. Of those that are reported, many allegations are unable to be proven. The causes of instances go unreported may be because the patient is unable to understand what is going on or may be afraid to report instances of abuse. When instances are caught, many times it is because of hidden cameras that the families of patients install in their rooms. One measure in Louisiana is guaranteeing patients and their families the right to install these cameras. McKnights reports on the story.

The proposal of Rep. Helena Moreno (D-New Orleans) allowing families to install cameras in the rooms of their loved ones residing in nursing homes is advancing in the Louisiana legislature.

In a hearing regarding the legislation, Lucie Titus testified about unexplained bruising her mother experienced. The staff of the nursing home was unable to explain the black eye or the back pain the 92-year-old woman with Alzheimer’s received while in their care.

Titus requested that a camera be installed in her mother’s room, but the nursing home refused. While suing for the ability to place the camera, her mother died before the issue could be resolved.

Current legislation allowing families to install camera systems into patient’s rooms was opposed by nursing home owners. However, the House Health and Welfare Committee voted 9-1 in March to send the proposed bill for debate on the floor.

The legislation would prohibit nursing homes from barring entrance or retaliating against patients who opt for surveillance systems.

Five other states have laws regarding nursing home cameras as of 2017. An additional two states had laws regarding assisted living facilities.