Federal Judge Orders Huge Payment in Back Wages

The health care field in an often under-appreciated and under-paid field. Nurses, their assistants, and other medical assistants often work long hours and earn low wages. Yet, they are all in the business of caring for our friends and loved ones when they are ill or in their final days. But sometimes employers do not pay them for wages they earned.

Last week, a federal judge ordered a nursing home staffing company to pay nearly $730,000 in unpaid overtime wages and interest.

Broadway Healthcare Management, LLC, was found to have been withholding overtime wages. Reportedly, there were 150 staff members working at 10 facilities that were affected by this failure. Broadway not only failed to pay overtime wages. They also neglected to pay shift differentials and bonuses earned by its employees.

This isn’t the first time that Broadway Management has found itself paying out for this violation. An investigation by the U.S. Department of Labor’s Wage and Hour Division ordered the company to pay back in 2008. Because this was the second violation, the company had to pay $636,410 in back wages and $97,388 in legal and investigative costs.

Under-paid and over-worked staff leads to medical errors. If you or someone that you love has suffered mistreatment while in the care of a nursing or assisted living home, contact Schenk Smith Trial Attorneys today. You and your loved one may be entitled to compensation. Our attorneys specialize in litigation against facilities for neglect and abuse of seniors and special needs patients. Contact us today.