Family Sues Home After Body Found in Dumpster

As our family members age, they sometimes succumb to conditions that are beyond our ability to provide care. When that happens, people often begin considering nursing homes to provide the care that the families cannot provide. Even with the most tedious research, sometimes things happen to cause families to question the care provided.

In Detroit, Michigan, the St. Francis Nursing Center is facing a lawsuit filed by an elderly man’s family.

Carlas Parker says that the family researched St. Francis thoroughly while deciding which facility would be best for her 73-year-old uncle.

Ralph Ford, Parker’s uncle, suffered from cognitive breakdowns and would occasionally wander. St. Francis promised a secure facility that would be safe for patients with a tendancy to wander.

The nursing home’s system failed Ford and Parker.

On January 18th, Ford’s body was found in a dumpster nearby the nursing home. Family members report knowing that Ford was safe and secure inside the facility the day prior to his body being discovered. They also report that the nursing home did not even report Ford missing until after his body had been discovered.

The family’s attorney, Mark Bernstein, has filed a $1-million dollar lawsuit against the nursing home on the family’s behalf.

“The powerful symbolic message of being found in a dumpster…that’s where we throw things that are trash,” said the attorney, “That’s not how we treat other human beings.”

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