Families Sue For Photo Exploitation Of Residents

The have been incidents recently reported in the news across the nation of nursing home employees capturing embarrassing photos of residents and posting them on social media. The family of one of these victims is now looking to be compensated for the exploitation by suing the nursing home, as KXAN reports.

Two families are now seeking compensation from Austin nursing home Windsor Nursing and Rehabilitation center. Both involve what could be a case of neglect and one case involves a man who was arrested after an incident involving a nursing home resident.

Back in March, 23-year-old Carlos Alberto Santacruz posted photos of a nursing home resident who appeared to be covered in feces to Snapchat. In one of the photos, the resident is sleeping and someone tickles her nose with a feather or a tissue. The woman then rubbed her faces with a feces-covered hand.

Santacruz was arrested in connection with the incident in April.

Now, the family of the victim is suing the nursing home, seeking compensation of more than a million dollars.

In the complaint, the litigants allege that Windsor Nursing and Rehabilitation Center of Duval was aware that Santacruz was a ‘despicable human being’ but ‘did not care’ and failed to provide proper supervision.

During their investigation of the incident in March, KXAN also spoke with another family who planned on taking legal action against the facility. They said that their relative had not been properly cared for and had dried feces covering him.

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