Elder Abuse Doesn’t Just Happen in Nursing Homes

Once accused of abuse, you would think those accused would leave their victims alone. Unfortunately, that is not always the case. Some people will attempt to regain custody of abused elders after they have been removed from their care.

The head of the Phoenix Department of Economic Security, which oversees Adult Protective services, is incensed after he learned what a couple in Mesa, Arizona tried to do on March 10th.

DES director Tim Jeffries said that Adult Protective services received a call that a couple was trying to remove a patient from a care facility.

According to the report, former DES employee Carol Brown and her husband, who is the victim’s son, tried to demand the woman’s release from the care facility she was staying at.

Back in February, the 85-year old woman had been removed from the couple’s care after a caregiver reported filthy conditions in the home. The care giver also discovered a padlock on the front door.

The Department of Economic Security got Mariposa County sheriff’s deputies involved in the incident. Brown and her husband were denied in their attempt to get his mother released into their care.

Adult Protection Services is currently working to get guardianship over the woman. Her name was not released, but she is currently receiving hospice care.

Reports also indicate that the victim’s two sons have been under investigation for neglecting their mother previously, this time out of California.

The DES also indicated that two staff members who were aware of reprimands that Brown received while employed there have submitted their retirement paperwork.

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