Does Your Nursing Home Perform Background Checks On Employees?

When it comes to deciding on a facility to care for an elderly loved one, some of the top concerns are quality of care and safety. While some facilities might prevent those with a criminal history from working for them, others are not as stringent when it comes to checking backgrounds and what may disqualify a person from employment. WFAA-8 reports on how lax regulations allow persons with criminal backgrounds to care for nursing home residents.

Utilizing data supplied by the federal Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, it was discovered that Texas has a patient abuse rate of nearly four times the national average.

The story behind these disturbing numbers is possibly even more disturbing than the statistics themselves: in many cases, violent criminals are finding legal employment as nurse’s aides (CNAs).

Mary Harris is in a new facility, but at the one in which she used to live, she became a victim of sexual assault, allegedly by a nursing aide. Afterwards, Harris was taken to a hospital where she was diagnosed with a sexually transmitted disease. After allegations were made, the CNA was released.

In another case, another woman was victimized by a CAN charged with her care. The offender tickled the sleeping woman, which prompted her to smear feces on her face. He then posted the images on social media. He was charged with injury to the elderly.

In both cases, the two perpetrators both had previous criminal records. The aide who allegedly assaulted Harris confessed to two counts of assault causing bodily injury. The aide who was charged with assault in the video he posted to social media had previous arrests for fraud and drug possession.

Under Texas legislation, you can plead guilty to serious and violent crimes, yet still become certified as a nurse’s aide. Research revealed at least 200 CNAs eligible to work in Texas, all who have criminal backgrounds.

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