Do you have a Living Will?

One of the things every person should do before entering a nursing home is to decide on a living will, especially do-not-resuscitate orders. Do-not-resuscitate orders tell doctors and emergency personnel what a patient’s wishes are if they are discovered dying. There are several different decisions that can be made, such as whether extreme measures should be taken to continue life or whether a patient desires heavy painkillers.

If these orders are violated, the people responsible can face criminal charges. A group of emergency personnel has been placed on leave in in Minnesota after they were called by a nursing home. They were preparing to take her to the hospital when the family arrived and questioned their actions. After explaining that the wishes of the ill patient were to die, they placed her back in the home. She died a short while later.

Luckily for the respondents and the nursing home, no formal do-not-resuscitate orders were placed. Nevertheless, the emergency responders have been placed on leave while the situation is investigated.

Many life-saving treatments at the end of life can be hazardous or painful. If you have a loved one that has filed DNR requests and they have been violated, you could sue the people responsible for causing pain and suffering to your loved one. Contact Schenk Smith Trial Attorneys if you find yourself in a situation like this. We specialize in nursing home abuse cases. For more information and a free consultation, call or email our offices.