Developer Caught in Elder Abuse Scandal

It sounds like a story out of a movie, but it’s happening right now in New York. A real estate developer is accused of mistreating elderly patients in a facility he bought as part of a development project. An attorney who is handling several pending wrongful death lawsuits against the developer wants to stop the developer from profiting further from property purchases until the suits are complete.

The nursing home was located in the Grand Army Plaza building, which the developer bought for $40 million in 2006. In 2014, he received a bid for the building at a price of $80 million. It was then, according to the suit, that problems started piling up. Allegedly, the developer tried to push all of the residents out of the home within 90 days.

Those who stayed behind were treated to deplorable conditions. Lack of air conditioning, fewer security and nursing staff, and contaminated food. There was also an unlicensed dementia unit running where at least one patient died.

The attorney has been filing orders of attachment to seize the profits from any sale of property by the defendant until the cases are settled. At least two of them have stuck at a tune of $5 million a piece.

When a nursing home changes owners or management, it is a time to be on high alert. A caring and compassionate company may have been replaced with one solely seeking profit. Keep a close eye out for changes that abuse may be occuring. If you believe it is, contact Schenk Law Trial Attorneys immediately.