Cyberbullying Nurse’s Aid Caught, Charged

Social media can be a fun way to keep in touch with friends, relatives, and let people know what goes on in your daily life. Occasionally, it is a place to share a funny meme or a photo that we’ve found. However, taking pictures of the elderly or infirm in compromising situations or filming yourself abusing them is not the best idea. As ABC News4 reports, one woman is facing serious charges for uploading images of an elderly Alzheimer’s patient she was abusing to social media.

Two employees at a nursing home were caught verbally abusing their patients on Snapchat.

Now, one of those employees is facing serious charges.

Last March, Nandhina Lance and another unnamed employee were terminated from SweetGrass Court Assisted Living after posting themselves abusing patients to Snapchat.

Police in Mount Pleasant announced that the 25-year-old Lance was arrested earlier this month and charged with being a peeping Tom. She was booked into jail and served with a $10,000 bond the same day.

The executive director at the center informed media that the patients were checked for physical abuse and no evidence was found.

In the video the employees posted, an 82-year-old patient was seen being told “she is stupid, her mother is stupid, and not to touch them because she had bodily fluids on her hands.”

When asked if she remembered the incident, one of the patients in the video said that she did not remember it.

The facility’s parent company is currently facing two lawsuits related to the events.

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