Court Fight to Release Nursing Home Records

When a patient passes away in a nursing home, there may not always be an investigation into the death of the patient. However, when an investigation does occur, the investigating entity requires nursing home records. Sometimes, the nursing homes are reluctant to release these records. One nursing home in Flint, Michigan is facing a federal lawsuit to have records released, as The Flint Journal reports.

The Michigan Protection and Advocacy Service is a state-appointed group charged with investigating allegations of abuse and neglect against people with disabilities. The group has filed a federal lawsuit against Medilodge of Grand Blanc after they received a complaint regarding the care a patient had received there.

The lawsuit came after a man was found non-responsive in 2016. He was taken to a hospital, where he died the following day according to a lawsuit filed in Flint U.S. District Court last month.

According to the lawsuit, the man listed in the complaint did not receive adequate care.

The lawsuit further claims that MPAS had enough probably cause to investigate allegations of abuse and neglect at Medilodge of Grand Blanc.

MPAS requested records involving the care of the patient from Medilodge back in January. They have yet to receive the records, which has led to the lawsuit.

MPAS made two requests for the records which went unanswered before filing the lawsuit asking that the facility release the record.

Medilodge has not responded to the complaint.

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