Couple in Missouri Arrested for Elder Abuse

It is always saddening to hear of cases where a senior has been the victim of abuse or neglect. When such instances take place in a nursing home, often, we look for someone to blame. However, neglect and abuse can also take place when family members care for the senior citizen.

In Izard County, Missouri, a couple has been arrested on serious charges of the abuse and neglect of an 86-year old woman.

The White River Medical Center in Batesville contacted the county sheriff as well as adult protective services when an elderly woman was brought in to the hospital in deplorable condition. The woman was unresponsive. The sheriff’s department along with adult protective services initiated an abuse and neglect investigation.

The elderly woman was found to have bed sores on her left shoulder, hips, and buttocks, as well as rotten flesh on her feet. The woman’s hair was filthy and she had extremely bad hygiene issues. At the time of the investigation, it was not immediately apparent if the woman would survive. At the time the woman was brought into the hospital, she was naked and covered with a blanket and had foam, duct tape, and grocery bags covering her feet.

Authorities went to investigate the home in which she resided. Inside, they found clutter and animal feces as well as approximately 20 cats and several dogs. The home smelled heavily of urine and feces. Inside the elderly woman’s bedroom, a plastic bag had been placed under the ceiling to divert leaking rainwater into a trash can.

The sheriff characterized the home as unfit for human habitation.

Janet Malthea O’Malley and Timothy Michael O’Malley, the victim’s daughter and son-in-law, were arrested and are being held on $10,000 bond. Their first court appearance is scheduled in January. Timothy O’Malley said that the victim had not had medical attention in more than a year and was bed ridden.

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