CNA Caught Slapping Nursing Home Patient

It should go without saying that it takes a special kind of person to be a nurse. The field requires a kind of patience and love of humanity that not everyone can muster. This might be even more true for those who choose to make their careers out of caring for the elderly, whose health problems often prove to have special and unique challenges that try patience. We expect those working in nursing homes to have this kind of patience. Those who do not might find themselves needing new careers. The Miami Herald reports on a nurse’s aide who could possibly lose her license.

Marlen Guerra Reyes, a certified nursing assistant employed at Harmony Health Center may just be looking for a new job and might lose her license.

The Florida Department of Health hit Reyes with an Emergency Suspension Order (ESO) on her license. The organization also asked the Board of Nursing to subject Reyes to further punishment for an incident that occurred back in December.

As part of her duties at the nursing home, Reyes was feeding a patient only identified as “C.P.” C.P. suffers from numerous conditions which include organic brain damage, dementia, Parkinson’s disease, as well as having physical limitations and behavioral issues.

While feeding C.P, the patient spit food out of her mouth. In response, Reyes was allegedly observed slapping C.P.

Reyes was fired from the facility.

No charges were filed in the incident.