Bug Infestation Found In Room Of Deceased Patient

The last thing people would expect a nursing home to have a violation for is pest control. We expect nursing homes, like hospitals and doctor’s offices to be pest and bug free. In some cases, that does not happen and in those cases, a facilities license can be revoked. The Indy Star reports on a facility that was so infested with bugs that they were found crawling on the body of a woman who had recently passed away.

On August 8, inspectors found that a room in a nursing facility had been infested with multiple bugs.

On September 22, the resident of the same room passed away. When called to the scene, police and medics found the woman’s body crawling with cockroaches.

Indiana Attorney General Curtis Hill’s office is now trying to revoke the license of the nursing home’s administrator, Cynthia Jones of Rockville, Indiana.

Though Jones stopped showing up at the retirement club in early 2015, she allowed the facility to continue operating under her license.

The facility was closed on November 30 of 2017.

A hearing to determine if Jones’ license remains valid is scheduled for March 27th.

Of the situation, Hill’s statement said: “We daily work to ensure laws are followed in regard to the well-being of all Hoosiers, including the elderly residing in assisted-living settings,”

Jones declined to comment on the situation.