Broken Leg Leads To Death In Gwinnett Nursing Home

When injuries occur in a nursing home, they must be reported to state health agencies and those agencies, in turn, must investigate. At times, even the authorities like the police must get involved and make arrests.  As the Gwinnett Daily Post reports, the state’s main health agency is investigating the death of a 98-year-old patient.

The state department of community health indicated this week that it is in the preliminary stages of investigation into the death of 98-year-old Edna warren. Warren suffered from a broken leg after contact with a nursing assistant. After the incident, she was rushed to the hospital for surgery. Warren died during the procedure.

43-year-old nursing assistant Hakim Ogunkunle was arrested by the Georgia Bureau of Investigation for his part in the incident. The arrest came after Newnan Health and Rehabilitation reported to local law enforcement that Warren’s broken leg was suffered after contact with Ogunkunle.

A GBI spokesperson told WSB news that the preliminary statement given by Ogunkunle did not align with the severity if the injury Warren suffered.

Newnam Health and Rebahibilitation is a non-profit nursing home. They released a statement to the press in regards to the incident. The statement indicated that the staff of the nursing home sent their thoughts and prayers to the family of the victim. They also indicated that they reported the incident to law enforcement officials.

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