Bed Sores and a Broken Femur Lead to Lawsuit

Nursing homes are required to provide basic care and needs for their residents. When they fail to provide that care, those that suffer from injury can and do file lawsuits against these facilities. Federal and state law require that nursing home facilities maintain certain standards.

A Chicago woman is suing the nursing home in which she resided. The lawsuit alleges that the facility violated the Illinois Nursing Home Care Act by failing to exercise due care and proper treatment and supervision.

On March 8th, Shirley Gladych filed suit in Cook County Circuit Court. The lawsuit was filed against Alden-Valley Ridge Rehabilitation and Heath Care Center Inc, Alden Management Services Inc., and the Alden Group Ltd.

In her lawsuit, Gladych maintains that on January 23rd, while she was a resident at Alden-Valley Ridge, she fell or was dropped while being transferred. This fall led to a broken femur. She further alleges that she suffered from pressure ulcers while at the nursing home where she was initially admitted in December of 2014. Gladych is alleging negligence on behalf of the defendants.

Gladych is seeking compensation in excess of $50,000 plus attorney’s fees and the costs of the lawsuit. She is being represented by Kristen N. Koeller.

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