Always Check Nursing Home Ratings

For a good number of people, there comes a time when placing an elder loved one into a care facility must be considered. When making this decision, it is important to research facilities and decide upon the best one for your unique situation. It is equally important to take into consideration reviews and ratings.

In Modesto, California, the Vintage Faire Nursing and Rehabilitation Center, makes a good first impression. The building seems well kept with it’s stucco exterior, and the long green awning providing cover for arriving guests.

However, these appearances are deceptive. The facility has a below average rating from a service provided by the federal government that rates nursing home facilities.

This past May, federal inspectors issued what is called an “immediate jeopardy” at Vintage Faire. The facility was fined $12,740 for numerous and various violations.

The investigation found that the facility failed to administer prescribed medications to patients, some of whom had life-threatening medical conditions that relied on their medications. These conditions included health issues such as epilepsy, sepsis infections, and heart arrythmia.

An “immediate jeopardy” is rarely called and only in cases where violations can result in the death or serious injury to patients. An inspector found that three patients could have died and another four could have suffered serious health problems as a result of missed doses of medication.

Many of the missed doses of medications are the result of the facility not having the medication on hand at the nursing home. Some were the results of the physician’s orders being transcribed incorrectly.

On the website Nursing Home Compare, Vintage Faire has a two star rating, which is below average.

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