A Fight To Get Veterans The Care They Need

Trying to gain both state, local, and federal funding for a nursing home project is a difficult task. For those in Montevideo, Minnesota, it is a project ten years in the making to make a nursing home for veterans. It still may not get off the ground, according to the Bemidji Pioneer.

The cities of Montevideo and Bemidji have proposed that each city build a 70-bed nursing home, which would make up the 140 beds that the national government would allow the state to build.

The proposal did gain some ground in the 2017 session, but Governor Mark Drayton would not support the $13-million appropriation that local lawmakers included in funding for the Department of Veteran’s Affairs.

When support for funds through the bonding bill fell through, several local lawmakers including State Senator Andrew Lang and State Representative Tim Miller were able to find support in the Veteran’s Affairs budget instead.

Local governments and organizations have raised $5 million in pledges for Montevideo proponents of the nursing home project. Chippewa County originally pledged $3 million towards the project. However, county commissioners warn that while they still support the project, it becomes increasingly difficult for them to keep funds earmarked.

As proposed to the legislature, local and state funds would be matched by federal funds towards the estimated $30 million the facilities will cost. If the state approves the project in 2018, it may take until 2022 for the federal approval needed to move forward can be secured.

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