8 Fired in Nursing Home Investigation

Our elderly loved ones deserve the best kind of care in their final years. While some can continue to provide their own care until the end, others must rely on family members to provide that care. Many more must place their trust in the workers, nurses, and administrators of nursing homes to care for their loved ones. As more and more senior Americans enter into nursing homes, cases of abuse and neglect are being taken more seriously than ever before. WALB reports on 8 employees of a nursing home being fired after an elder abuse investigation.

An Albany, Georgia nursing facility fired 8 employees after an internal investigation into elderly abuse.

The Wynfield Park and Rehabilitation Center fired the employees after allegations of abuse against a patient suffering from Alzheimer’s.

A police report indicates that there is video footage of two facility employees screaming and cursing at a patient. They also pulled the patient’s arms, causing her to yell out in pain. The incident took place in October.

A family member reported the incident to an administrator, who then called the police.

The facility initially suspended the two CNA’s involved, but later decided to terminate their employment. Along with the two CNA’s, administrators also fired six other employees whom they said were aware of the abuse but failed to report it.

Officials with the facility said this was the first incident of abuse that had been brought to their attention. However, state Healthcare Facility Regulators said that there have been complaints in the past.

Police are conducting an investigation into the incident as well.

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