$30 Million Awarded in Memphis Nursing Home Case

A decision has finally been reached in a lawsuit filed back in 2010.  The lawsuit, which was filed against Allenbrooke Nursing and Rehabilitation Center LLC, its two owners, and related companies, was filed in Shelby County Tennessee.

The Shelby County jury awarded the family $30 million for the poor care of a nursing home resident that led to her death.

Martha Jane Pierce, who was a resident of Allenbrooke from 2008 to 2009. Pierce lived in a shared room with her husband.  She eventually developed pressure sores on her foot that reached to the bone.  The sores then became infected with fecal bugs that required amputation in October of 2009.  Pierce passed away two months later.

The trial, with Judge Donna Fields presiding, lasted about 5 weeks.  Last week, the jury returned a verdict finding Allenbrooke liable for negligence, violations of the Tennessee Adult Protection Act including fraudulent records of Pierce’s care and medical malpractice.

The jury awarded $1.9 million for negligence.  Additionally, they awarded $129,000 for violations of the act.  The $28 million that was awarded for punitive damages were split between $2 million each between four companies and $10 million each between the two owners.

Representatives for the nursing home were not available for comment.

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