My loved one strangled on a window blind cord in a nursing home
Nursing Home Abuse


Despite improved safety features and growing awareness, cords from window coverings, like blinds and curtains, fatally strangle dozens each year. In fact, one study by the Consumer Product Safety Commission showed 185 deaths and 101 near deaths, from window blind cord strangulation, between 1992 and 2012.

These studies indicate that a majority of the strangulations involve children. However, children are not the only ones at risk. Nursing home residents suffering from dementia or other disabilities are similarly in danger. This is because, like children, some seniors lack the ability to recognize the danger, nor possess the dexterity or motor skills to get out of the situation. In fact, the Alzheimer Association instructs home owners and facility operators to “child-proof” locations where Alzheimer patients reside.

So is a nursing home to blame if a resident strangles to death on a window blind cord? Yes.

Nursing homes are required to adequately supervise each resident. This means that no resident, especially those with Alzheimer’s Disease, dementia, or other disability, should be left alone to wander for an inappropriate period of time. In short, where a nursing home has left a resident unsupervised long enough such that he or she 1) encountered the window blind cord, 2) become entangled, and 3) passed away, the nursing home has probably breached the standard of care.

Further, under the Code of Federal Regulations requires that all nursing homes receiving Medicare prevent avoidable accidents. As such, long cords, like pull cords, should be kept to the shortest length possible. Having window blind cords long enough to wrap around the neck of a resident is not only contrary to industry standards, but is likely contrary to the Federal Code.

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