Window blind cord strangulation in a nursing home- Who is at fault?


Window blind cords are a hidden danger in nursing homes across the country. Statistics from the Consumer Product Safety Commission, an independent agency of the Federal Government assigned with promoting consumer safety, show that almost 160 deaths from window blind strangulation occurred between 1973 and 1992, and 200 occurred between 1992 and 2012.

A majority of strangulations involve small children in residential settings. This is because children do not comprehend the danger associated with the cords, nor possess the appropriate motor skills to escape strangulation. However, nursing home residents, especially those with dementia, are just as vulnerable. In fact, the Alzheimer Association recommends “child-proofing” homes and facilities where seniors with Alzheimer’s disease reside.

Can a nursing home be held responsible when a resident is strangled or nearly strangled by window coverings? Yes. Absolutely.

Nursing homes owe a duty to provide an appropriate level of safety to each resident. Principally, this means that any one resident, particularly those in an Alzheimer or dementia unit, should receive consistent supervision. Residents should not be allowed to wander unsupervised long enough to encounter and succumb to the danger. Secondly, nursing homes are required by Federal law to ensure that the facility is free from hazards. Many experts agree that any string, rope, or pull cord be as short as absolutely possible, to reduce the risk of fall, strangulation, or other injury.

As such, if your loved one strangled to death at a nursing home, you may likely have a wrongful death claim against that facility.

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