Why does nursing home abuse occur?


When people ask me why nursing home abuse occurs. The answer to that question is very similar to why nursing home neglect occurs.

What the public needs to understand is that the job of the nurses and staff in nursing homes, who are charged with the care of residents, is extremely difficult. It’s extremely draining both physically and psychologically.

This is not to say that abuse or neglect is ever justified- it NEVER is. Nor does the difficulty of the job take away from the responsibility of those individual actors in the nursing home that commit abuse.

However, when dealing with such a demanding job, with underwhelming pay, and little credit, nursing homes often do not have the best applicants for the job. Even those staff who are kind at heart and have the best intentions- who may not have gotten into the position with the mindset of abuse- often succumb to short-cuts and conduct that lead to abuse. This can occur after months or years of working in that psychologically draining environment. Staff may find themselves in a situation where they will commit abuse to get their duties completed on time. I have seen firsthand good people do bad things as an attorney, and I have witnessed it while working as a CNA.

Ultimately, abuse and neglect will be the responsibility of the owners and operators of the nursing homes. Often, these facilities do not monitor the activities of the staff, or conduct adequate background checks or quality control.

If your loved has been injured while residing at a nursing home, and you suspect abuse may be involved, then please, feel free to call and speak to one of our experienced Georgia nursing home abuse lawyers today. Our consultations are always free.