Who regulates nursing homes in Georgia?


Healthcare Facility Regulation, a division of the Georgia Department of Community Health, regulates nursing homes in Georgia. Among other things, Healthcare Facility Regulation (or HFR) licenses, oversees, and inspects Georgia’s many health care facilities.

Within HFR, the Office of Facility Licensure is responsible for licensing, certifying, and overseeing over 15,000 health care facilities, which include nursing homes, in the state of Georgia. This office tries to streamline Georgia’s health care system by conducting investigations, receiving complaints, and performing surveys. The Office of Facility Licensure also provides applications and forms that health care facilities can complete in order to receive a license or certification for their business.

In addition, HFR makes the process of finding a nursing home easier through its comprehensive list of licensed nursing homes in Georgia. This list includes each nursing home’s location and inspection report, and HFR updates the database weekly. If you’re searching for a nursing home for your loved one, or want to look up the inspection report of the facility your loved one currently lives in, HFR’s list is an invaluable resource.

HFR’s website also provides access to a complete record of state laws and regulations for nursing homes, as well as other health care facilities. This tool is particularly helpful if you want to make sure that a nursing home’s practices conform to Georgia state law.

Under Georgia state law and HFR regulation, nursing homes have a legal duty to properly care for their residents. If a nursing home fails to provide this care through either neglect or abuse, then that facility may be liable for any consequences. HFR holds nursing homes responsible for neglecting or abusing residents, and if a nursing home fails to live up to the regulations, they may be responsible for covering medical bills, out-of-pocket expenses, and pain and suffering related to the incident of neglect or abuse.

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