What should I bring with me for my meeting with Schenk Smith?

Nursing Home Abuse


At Schenk Smith, we guarantee that at the first meeting, you will sit down and discuss your case with trial lawyer. Not a case manager, not a paralegal. One of the two partners with his name on the door. Legal services are no different than any other customer service, and we want you to be open with your questions and concerns.

For nursing home neglect and abuse cases, the most essential document to bring with you will be evidence that you may act on behalf of your loved one. For example, a durable power of attorney, guardianship, or conservatorship documents. This will allow you to sign our representation agreement, HIPAA release, and other documents on your loved one’s behalf. Until our office received this document from you, we may be prevented from getting to work on your case.

For wrongful death claims, the most crucial document to bring with you will be the last will or other document showing that you were assigned the role of executor or executrix of the estate. Or, if the deceased left no will, documentation from the probate court showing that you are the administrator or administratrix of the estate of the deceased. Again, these documents will be necessary before we can get started on your case.

For all other injury cases, we request that you bring as much information about the injury as possible. Copies of the police report, medical records and bills, photographs, and receipts help our office hit the ground running on your claim. For example, having the police report handy allows us to immediately notify the insurance companies and contact witnesses. These are two important tasks that should be done immediately on a claim.

While these documents are important to have, don’t worry if you do not have them at our first meeting. We can help you get them.

If you or a loved one have been injured in a car accident or in a nursing home, and you are not sure what paperwork you need to get started on a claim, don’t stress, please call and speak to one of our experienced Atlanta personal injury lawyers today.