What is the definition of elder abuse?


The term elder abuse means any knowing, intentional, or negligent act by a caregiver, nursing home staff, or any other person that causes an injury or a serious risk of injury to a vulnerable, elderly adult. The Georgia legislature has passed many laws protecting the health and well being of our elderly.

Elder abuse may include the following:

Physical Abuse: Physical abuse means inflicting physical pain or injury on an elderly person. For example, striking, slapping, excessive restraint, and bruising. Nearly 1 in 7 cases of elder abuse involve physical abuse, making it one of the more common types of elder abuse.

Sexual Abuse: This type of abuse includes any kind of non-consensual sex act with an elderly person.

General Neglect: Neglect is the failure of the caregiver to provide the appropriate level of attention to the elderly person. Most often, neglect includes failure to provide timely medical care, failure to handle the elder person while ambulating, and failure to provide appropriate medications.

Financial Abuse or Exploitation: Financial abuse includes the illegal taking, embezzlement, or concealment of funds, property, or assets of an elderly person. About 1 in 8 cases of elder abuse involve financial exploitation. While underreported, the annual financial loss by victims of elder financial abuse is estimated to be at least $2.6 billion dollars.

Emotional Abuse: Emotional abuse is the infliction of mental pain, anguish, or distress on an elder person, either through verbal or nonverbal acts. Intentionally humiliating, intimidating, or threatening are considered emotional abuse. Also, isolating elderly persons from friends and family is a common form of this.

Self-neglect: Self neglect is the failure of a person to perform essential, self-care tasks and that such failure threatens his/her own health or safety. Examples include self-care tasks such as nourishment, clothing, hygiene, and shelter.

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