What happens if you do not take my nursing home neglect case?


Not every nursing home claim is one that we are able to pursue. Sometimes families will come to our office with legitimate concerns that their loved ones are being neglected or hurt at a nursing home.

At the absolute very least, we investigate the claims. This includes requesting medical records from the facility, sending spoliation letters, and requesting citations for statements of deficiencies from State and Federal agencies. Sometimes, this alone will be enough to correct the problem with the nursing home.

When have cases in which the injury may not be severe enough to pursue through formal litigation or arbitration, we let the family know. Still, we like to take the investigative steps and analyze the situation before the decision not to pursue the claim is made.

As mentioned, this can oftentimes shine a light on the nursing home’s bad habits, and prevent problems in the future. It’s harder for wrong-doing to occur once the family, state agencies, and attorneys are looking.

If your loved one has been injured in a nursing home or assisted living facility, and you do not know which way to turn, please call and speak to one of our experienced Atlanta nursing home lawyers today.