What are the types of nursing home staff?


In your typical nursing home, there will be several different types of staff tasked with various duties.

At the very basic level, the nursing home will have a certified nursing assistant, or CNA. These individuals help the residents on a daily basis accomplish tasks that an able bodied person would do for themselves. For example, dressing, grooming, toileting, showering, and eating. Generally speaking, each nursing home or assisted living facility hall will have several dozen residents, and then 3 to 4 CNAs to attend to those residents.

One level up from CNAs, so to speak, are floor nurses. Floor nurses are generally licensed practical nurses, or LPNs. These individuals spend the vast majority of their time making sure that the residents receive their prescribed medications. Floor nurses also attended by any minor medical necessities that may occur throughout the day.

Above the CNAs and floor nurses are the charge nurses. The charge nurse is typically a senior LPN or a registered nurse, also known as an RN. Charge nurses tend to oversee the day-to-day medical activities of the residents. Principally, the charge nurse ensures that the resident’s care plan is being executed within the standard of care. On some occasions the charge nurse will assist the residents with minor medical necessities.

After that, nursing homes will have a director of nursing. The director of nursing is there on a nine-to-five basis. Their job is mostly administrative. Their duties consist of managing the care plans of the residents.

By and large, CNAs conduct the vast majority of the physical work and have the most amount of interaction with the residents. As a loved on of a nursing home resident, these are the staff that you want to get to know. CNAs will have the most information about your loved one’s experience and health.

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