Scabies Outbreak in Arkansas Nursing Home

Scabies is a common illness caused by a tiny mite which burrows under the skin and lays eggs, causing a rash. While it is a common infection, it is preventable. Taking proper precautions by infected persons treating the infection can prevent the spread of the illness. In nursing homes, taking action and prevention is especially important given the chances of it spreading easily and rapidly among staff and residents. The Modesto Bee reports that an Arkansas nursing home failed to prevent the spread of scabies among staff and residents.

Government documents indicate that those in charge at Longmeadow Nursing Care in Camden told nursing staff not to document that they were treating residents for scabies.

Residents who contracted the condition were not isolated and proper procedure regarding treatment was not followed. This caused employees to contract the condition and spread it to the community.

Last July, just weeks before rampant infection affected every resident, the facility was cited for failing to properly address a smaller infestation. A nurse working at the facility said that treatment was not documented because instructions received from higher management told them not to.

A December 14th inspection resulted in the most severe rating on a 12-letter rating system.

Staff members went untreated and caused the infection to spread to their families.

Medicare and Medicaid payments were stopped and the facility must submit a plan of action. If they are not back in compliance by March 22, Medicaid and Medicare payments to the facility will stop, effectively shutting the facility down.

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