How Long Do I Have to File a Lawsuit in Georgia?

“Never leave till tomorrow that which you can do today.”

― Benjamin Franklin

Despite Mr. Franklin’s advice, procrastination is very common in our society.  For those with potential lawsuits procrastination can be fatal.  The law does not allow an individual unlimited time to sue for an injury.  How long do I have to file a lawsuit? The specific law that sets out the time limits for lawsuits is called a “statute of limitations”. Statutes of limitation have been around since ancient Athens and ensure that if a defendant is to be sued for wrong-doing, then that suit will brought within a reasonable amount of time. Most lawsuits regarding injuries are state specific and the statute of limitations in each state dictate how long a plaintiff has to bring a lawsuit.

I was Injured in a Car Accident. How Long Do I Have to File a Lawsuit in Georgia?

             In Georgia, the statute of limitations for personal injury and medical malpractice is two years. This means that a plaintiff has two years to file a lawsuit arising from an injury caused by the negligence of someone else.  If you fail to bring a suit within the time set forth by the statute of limitations you are almost guaranteed to have your case dismissed by the court.

          All too often clients come to our office with horrible stories of injury and negligence only to discover that they have waited too long and no longer have the right to sue in a court of law.  If you or a loved one has been injured because of someone else’s negligence don’t procrastinate. Even if you have a lot going on in your life and you feel like you just can’t handle dealing with the legal side of your injuries, let our attorneys help you.

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