My loved one developed septic shock at a nursing home- Do I have a claim?

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If your loved one developed septic shock at a nursing home, you may have a claim against the nursing home, meaning you may be able to sue the facility for neglect. If your loved one developed septic shock because of nursing home neglect, then Georgia law requires the nursing home to compensate you for all ensuing damages. This includes medical expenses and pain and suffering.

Many nursing home residents develop septic shock as a result of feeding tubes or urinary catheters, which increase the risk of infection. In addition, most nursing home residents are already at increased risk of developing infection due to a compromised immune system. If an elderly person also suffers from an injury or illness, then their chances of developing infection are even higher. When left untreated or improperly cared for, an infection can lead to septic shock, a potentially life-threatening condition that often causes heart and respiratory failure.

Because of the serious nature of septic shock and its prevalence among nursing home residents, nursing homes should take great care to protect against infection by minimizing their use of catheters and feeding tubes. When they do use catheters, nursing home staff should keep the duration of catheter use at a minimum, use gloves, wash their hands regularly, and employ certain safeguards in using the catheter, like ensuring a closed drainage system, keeping the retention bag below the bladder, and cleaning the catheter every day.

Staff should also keep an eye out for symptoms of septic shock, like fever, a high heart rate, and difficulty breathing. If a resident begins to exhibit any of these symptoms, staff should take appropriate action immediately.

Under Georgia state law, nursing homes must do everything they reasonably can to keep residents from developing septic shock. Accordingly, if your loved one developed septic shock in a nursing home due to a lack of reasonable care on the nursing home’s part, the facility may be required to compensate you for related medical expenses, as well as pain and suffering.

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