Lawyer for nursing home abuse in Georgia

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If your loved one was injured or passed away at a nursing home in Georgia, you will want to speak with a nursing home abuse lawyer right away. But how do you find the right lawyer for your case? What can a lawyer do for you?


Doesn’t it seem like that are lawyers everywhere? They are trying to get your attention through billboards, on television, and online. It can be overwhelming.

Like any other service, a referral from a trusted friend or family member is a great place to start. If you have an attorney in the family, even better. If neither of these is an option, then you may consider using the internet. Look for an attorney whose practice is exclusively nursing home abuse, or who handles a majority of nursing home cases. This is important because nursing home abuse cases are very different from other types of medical malpractice and personal injury. Having an attorney with experience in this field is critical.

If possible, select a couple different attorneys and meet with them. While you are explaining your case, ask yourself: does this person make me feel comfortable? Is the attorney listening to you? Nursing home abuse cases can take months or years to settle, so you will spend a lot of time with your lawyer. Make sure you feel comfortable interacting with that person.


Aside from representing you in a court of law, a lawyer helps your case in many other ways. First, the lawyer acts as a lead investigator, requesting documents from the facility and government agencies, interviewing witnesses, and reviewing records. This information is critical to building a winning case. Second, the lawyer interacts with Medicare, Medicaid, and private health insurance on behalf of your loved one. Often, there are liens that must be paid after an injury or death. The lawyer helps negotiate these amounts against the settlement and get these bills paid. Finally, a lawyer acts as the main communicator with the facility and the insurance company. This means that all you have to do is attend to your loved one.

If your loved has been injured or has passed away at a nursing home or assisted living facility, and you are wondering what a lawyer can do for you, then please, feel free to call and speak to one of our experienced Georgia nursing home abuse lawyers today. Our consultations are always free.