How long do bedsores take to heal?


How long it may take for a bedsore to heal will depend on the severity of the bedsore, and whether appropriate treatment has been provided. According to the National Pressure Ulcer Advisory Panel, bedsores progress through four stages. Stage 1, the initial stage, through Stage 4, the most severe.

Stage 1: Up to a Week

According to many medical doctors, Stage 1 bedsores can heal within a week. Again, this would require that the wound be treated appropriately. For example, completely relieving the pressure to the area or eliminating the sheer forces exerted on the skin. It is important to nip the wound in the bud at Stage 1, as the long term risks are minimal at this stage.

Stage 2: Up to Several Weeks

With Stage 2 bedsores, the skin has been broken down or degraded. The underlying tissue is compromised and blood is not getting to the cells. Much of the damage to the tissue is unable to be observed. For Stage 2 bedsores, expect the healing process to take anywhere from several days to several weeks.

Stage 3: Up to Several Months

Stage 3 bedsores are serious injuries to the skin. The skin is completely torn, allowing tissue, muscle, fat and bone to be exposed. The risk of infection, like sepsis, is high. As you can imagine, even with proper treatment, including relieving pressure, medications, keeping the wound dry, and proper diet, the healing process is much longer. Stage 3 bedsores, at best, can take several months to heal.

Stage 4: From Several Months to 2 Years

Stage 4 bedsores are the most severe. At this point, the wound crater can be down to the bone, and the tissue, muscle, and ligaments have rotted or died. Infection, including sepsis and septic shock, are more likely. Unfortunately, wounds at this point sometimes do not heal. At best, Stage 4 bed sores can take between several months and one or two years to heal.

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