How does Schenk Law approach nursing home cases?

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Nursing home cases can be extremely complicated, very difficult, and expensive. So, first and foremost, Schenk Law hits the ground running with all potential cases.

One of the very first things we do is to request the complete medical records. We look through those records to see if there are any notes missing. And one of the benefits that we bring to our clients is that, having worked in nursing homes myself for over a decade, I know what notes should be there. I know what details might be missing. So we make sure that we get all the information that we need to shine the fullest light on what happened. Then we put that together and determine whether the nursing home was negligent. Then we put the nursing home on notice that we are prepared to take the case all the way to trial.

That’s what you have to do. You have to have your hands fully in the case. You have to be fully committed. We bring that to every nursing home case that Schenk Law has.