Hidden Cameras Catch Nursing Home Abuse

One of the frustrations we sometimes encounter is when a client truly believes that abuse is happening to their loved one but there is not enough proof to bring a suit forward. One family in Minneapolis came up with a creative way to catch nursing home abuse in the act.

The family members set up hidden cameras after they noticed cuts and bruises on their loved ones. They managed to capture video evidence of two employees abusing at least two residents. The family members showed the footage to the administrators of the home. They took immediate action. Both employees were arrested, though they have not been formally charged with a crime yet.

Eight other employees were fired for not reporting the abuse or for other violations that were caught on camera not related to nursing home abuse. Reactions among the family members and residents are mixed. Some believe they are receiving excellent care and feel this was an isolated incident. Others say more needs to be done.

Nursing home administrators know that a report of abuse will bring attention from investigators, the media, angry families, and possibly police and regulators. Yet changes in policy and arrests may not be enough, especially if the abuse is severe, widespread, or long-term. Schenk Law Trial Attorneys can examine your situation and tell you whether a formal lawsuit would be a good idea or not. Call our offices for more information.