Another Patient Escapes a Nursing Home

What happens when a nursing home is understaffed or has poor security? Bad things. It’s a sad fact that many elderly people do not like their nursing homes. They feel like they’re in a prison and may try to seek a way to escape. If they are suffering from dementia, they may truly believe that they are and will do anything they can to leave.

However, when people do escape from nursing homes it often ends in tragedy. An 89-year-old Alzheimer’s patient in Washington escaped from his nursing home in his wheelchair. Police began a search to try to find the missing patient. He was eventually found dead in the backyard of a house about four blocks away. The cause of death is unknown.

Some facilities have perimeter alarm bracelets for patients to wear. It’s unknown if the nursing home in this case used these or not, or if the patient may have slipped the bracelet off.

If your loved one escapes from a nursing home, it can raise a lot of troubling questions. Are they being abused? Is there a problem with the workers? Is security lax? Or perhaps they just hate not being independent anymore? These questions and more all play a role in a elder abuse lawsuit.

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